Forskolin comes from the coleus forskohlii plant that grows naturally in the lower elevations of India. The coleus plant is a member of the mint family. It has been used for over 3000 years to help with blood pressure, thyroid hormone release, lung function as well as for weight loss. It was discovered by a Swedish Naturalist Peter Forskal. This plant is even written about in Sanskrit texts under the name of Makandi and said to help many of the functions of the body like the heart and the lungs.

Now this wonderful plant is touted as being the best weight loss supplement on the market today. There have been many forskolin studies and they all show positive results for losing weight and toning up the abdominal muscles. It causes a breakdown of the fat stores in the abdominal area and this fat gives us extra energy and helps prevent further fat stores from building up. It also prevents the loss of muscle tone and gives the body a leaner, more fit appearance. In doing this it also helps the health of the heart muscles and blood flow of the body giving us more strength to do what we want to do without the fatigue.

With forskolin studies proving the product is safe and effective, most people are able to take it for weight loss. This means it can help many people with unhealthy extra weight get their weight under control and feel as well as they can look.

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