I would prefer my children to become lawyers when they grow up. There are many advantages that come with this career. You see, all the lawyers I have come across are people who are smart and well educated. I love the way these people argue out case in court and even in the social platforms. A good attorney marc grimaldi medford lawyer is a professional who earns well and is aware of his rights. These are people who work hard enough in all their spheres of life.

I have two children and I wish to encourage them to pursue a career in law. This is a good way through which we shall have people to fight for our rights in old age. In the event that i will have a case to sort out in court, then my children should be the right attorneys to represent me. You will be happy to note that they will also not charge me too much money in legal fees. You see, there is no way that my children will even charge me for their services.

There are other reasons why I would prefer to have my children as lawyers. When they become lawyers, I am sure that they will start their own law firms that they can work for. This is a very good way through which they will create employment for themselves and other people. It is also a good way through which they will earn good money working as attorneys.

It is also a well known fact that lawyers are people who are highly respected due to their way of life. A lawyer is highly respected because of the fact that they are able to represent people in complex cases ad win these cases for them. This is something positive and I would love this to happen with my children.

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